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the great swim
M. David Snyder
Aug 6, 2003
This particular story actually found it's way into a play I helped create back in 1993-94. "Allentales".

Back in the 50's my mom was considered a great swimmer. Her younger brother Dan was a tad boastful of his sister and proposed a challenge between my mom and the quarterback of the Allen High football team to swim across the Lehigh River and back the fastest. This happened down at Bucky Boyle park on the lower east side of town. Dan went and told my mom that he set up a race and that he said she would win. The quarter back was a big muscular guy and full of himself to the point that he figured swimming up against a girl would be a piece of cake.

Needless to say this guy was all talk, my mom actually gave him a head start cos she knew that he would start gabbing away at how easy the win would be then she just went full force and while he was still bragging she was on the verge of winning. And she won and made him look like a complete fool.

Mom loved telling this story, she must've told a few hundred times almost like it was her most prideful day in her life. So I dedicate this story in memory of my mom Shirl Snyder and an opportunity for others to share in her proudest moment.

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