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Full Circle
Burr Beard
Feb 25, 2003
One of the great pleasures of working at WDIY is the chance to promote great music of all kinds, to work with musicians, programmers and our audience, to help create an appreciation for the classics, folk, jazz, alternative and all sorts of music outside the mainstream.

Living and working back home in Pennsylvania also lets me reunite with old friends I played music with in Pittsburgh - when I first got involved in public radio as a volunteer program host in 1978. Spread between New York, New Jersey, Pittsburgh and here, we play our Celtic-American folk music in every corner of that region, but no place as often or with as much response, as right here in the Lehigh Valley.

Devilish Merry has played at Theatre Outlet, Mayfair, Spirit of Bethlehem Festival, the Ice House, the Bethlehem Sculpture Garden Concerts and in April 2003, Godfrey Daniels. We have begun negotiations to produce a new CD with Allentown's Bummer Tent Records. It is truly a pleasure sharing the Lehigh Valley with my five friends and bandmates.

Recently I was given an old poster fround in the basement of Godfrey Daniels. It's a promotional poster for Devilish Merry's Ghost of His Former Self, an LP from 1979. We sent our record and promotional kit back then hoping for a gig. Now the poster is framed and hanging in my office.

Things have come full circle. Public radio, the image of steel, coal, the rivers, transportation, Pennsylvania, arts, culture, theater, music, and a thriving community with which to pursue passions, challenges, and life! What more can one man ask?

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