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Cab Please
Azaniah Travesser
Banana Factory
Nov 15, 2002
"Banana Factory" He said, as He slid into the front seat beside me.

He seemed familiar but I couldn't remember what the connection was. I'm sure it was in Bethlehem though. "Going to the show?"

"I Am the show."

I turned on the meter and let that statement take me before I started making it my own production. "Oh, are you going to paint on the mule?"

"I Am the canvas. Artists are always looking for something to paint and something to paint it on. Bright ideas on clouds creating realities that no one ever saw before. That's what they did with Me before and now they look heavenward and think they will see Me there. They never expect me to come in a cab. So I'm going to let them paint another picture today."

"What do you think that will look like?"

"Themselves. That's all artists ever paint, you know. Their reflections of their perception of reality. And I love to let them put themselves out there for the universe to see. That's what I created them for."

"You are an art lover?"

"I am an artist lover. I can make love to them. That's why I came. That's why I'm going. There's one there who wants The Lover."

At the Banana Factory?

"Sure. Angie wants Me, she knows there's only One Husband and He's not in Madrid. And she's got Me now. Thanks for bringing Me. What's the fare."

"I owe YOU for this one. May I come in with you?'"

"Sure, leave the meter running."

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