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Mitchell's first visit
Fred Fritch
Hawk Mountain Sanctuary
Sep 30, 2002
My 3 1/2 year old grandson, Mitchell Freeby, and I, along with some friends, visited North Lookout on Saturday Sep 28, 2002. We had an incredible day! Eight Balds, several Osprey, Coopers, and lots more! That was OUR count! The official count was much higher! He could hardly hold the binoc's but was yelling "I think I see one!" Such a thrill!

The highlight of the day, however, was this. As we approached the lookout through the trees, having been at the shore 2 weeks ago, he said, "Opa, I think I see the ocean!". I told him it wasn't the ocean but to just wait and see what it is! When we walked out onto the rocks, I was thinking of my feet and not stumbling because Mitchell was on my back, and had forgotten his excitement, when he said, "Look, Opa, It's the whole world!"

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