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Keeping Up With the Times While Keeping the Good Times!
Robin Musselman
Trexler Game Preserve
Sep 16, 2002
Growing up in the Lehigh Valley my family had explored many of the "tourist spots" available in the area, you know, the places where the "locals" often don't go. When I returned with my daughter, I was anxious to share with her many of those same experiences. While many places and programs had changed, I discovered that the Trexler Game Preserve had managed to change and stay the same!

When you visit the Game Preserve you will discover how many things have changed over the years. The exhibit areas are current with information for children and adults alike eager to experience the appropriate animal habitats. My daughter and I have enjoyed many different programs at the Game Preserve. She has attended camp there in the summer, and we have visited during spring, summer, fall and even in the winter. Each time we came away with some new fact or story. There are special exhibits, art projects, nature walks, theme weekends, the list goes on and on....much more than I remember as a child.

However, the one enduring memory of the Game Peserve that I have....and I think most visitors retain, is still available to enjoy. As you leave the Game Preserve everyone loves going through the river! Whether you walk or drive (fast or slow!), it becomes a favorite part of every visit.

While the hard work and efforts of the staff to keep up with the times, presenting so many wonderful opportunities, should never be overlooked, most people remember their ride through the river forever.

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