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The Lehigh Valley's Best Kept Secret
Larry Deibert
Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Sep 15, 2002
The next time you decide to take a leisurely drive to look for something new to see, head south on 222 and turn left on Brookside Road. As soon as you go under the railroad tracks, turn right onto Lehigh Street and drive a few hundred yards.

On your left, you will see Macungie Memorial Park, and immediately to your right, you will see the Macungie Veterans Association, in front of which is the Lehigh Northampton Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

Dedicated on May 25, 1997, the site memorialzes the 127 Lehigh and Northampton men who lost their lives in that terrible and costly war.

Walk on the bricks, etched with messages from veterans, non-veterans, schools, businesses, etc., and then view the memorials.

The base of the flagpole is surrounded by a five point black granite star, each point bearing the name of each war fought in the 20th century.

The obelisk, bearing the word VIETNAM, is the way we have honored our fallen brothers. One side has the names of those from Lehigh County and the other side lists the deceased from Northampton County. On the rear of the memorial is a text written by Peter Saxman, and as you read, please place you hand in his and become one with the memorial.

The wall of honor is dedicated to all veterans, past, present and future, and inscribed are the names of deceased Lehigh Northampton veterans who have been honored by family and friends.

A pedestal bears the names of the original officers.

On May 25th of 2002, we unveiled a tribute to Robert Peters, the sculptor of the boots and helmet that stands sentinal in front of the obelisk. Affectionately known to us as Santa Claus, his likeness will keep his memory alive through the ages.

If you would llke more information about the memorial, please write to LNVVM, PO Box 90442, Allentown, Pa., 18109-0442, visit our website or e-mail me at larrydeibert@hotmail.com.

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