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Positively 4th Street
Mike Space
Godfrey Daniels
Sep 13, 2002
In the mid 90’s, having lived in and around Philadelphia for the most part of thirty years, I moved up to the Lehigh Valley with my wife who had found herself a job locally. Having grown accustomed to the variety of cultural opportunities available to us in Philly, we were both wondering what we were going to do for entertainment “way out here”, and even went so far as to make sure that our then favorite city radio stations would be available at any potential homesite we would select.

We need not have worried about being entertained!

As long time volunteers at the annual Philadelphia Folk Festival, we knew of Godfrey Daniels, the great little music club on Bethlehem’s South Side; we had even been there once or twice. A chance remark to a friend at the Festival found me a spot volunteering at Godfrey’s, learning to operate the sound equipment. That was only the beginning. As I began to meet more of the Valley music community I realized that here was a resource of at least the quality available in the Big City, but much more accessible.

It is this friendliness and accessibility that makes Godfrey’s so special. When a performer plays Godfrey’s they know it’s not just another “lets make a buck on this act” place. The volunteers that run the club are in this because we love doing it; we love the music. It is why so many first class musicians give such fantastic shows here ... and why the audience has such a great time, every time they come here.

Godfrey’s has held down the music scene in the Valley for over 26 years. Back when it opened, it was the only entertainment of its type. Now with WDIY, Banana Factory, Musikfest, Mayfair, Celtic Fest, etc, etc up here, it’s sometimes tough to figure out which of the great local events to attend! But it all started here at "Positively 4th Street" ... Godfrey Daniels.

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