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Logan's retreat
Douglas Mallardi
Little Lehigh Parkway
Aug 18, 2002
Our home is just a block from the Little Lehigh Parkway and Rose Garden. My 3 year old son Logan and 4 year old Kaitlyn have made this park one of their favorite spots to explore and be free. When we first arrive both kids are allowed to run a hundred yards without my calling them back, and I can see the unsure, yet exciting, expressions in their faces. When they let me catch up we walk along the creeks edge beneath the fronds of giant willow trees and look for fish. While the fish are typically elusive to the talk-talk-talking of children, we have been lucky to see a few.

The favorite part of our walk is a little bridge with shallow water, just a few inches deep, running beneath. We take off our socks and shoes, and this is where Logan really lights up. This little blond boy looks like an illustration out of Mark Twain. Dungaree overalls rolled up, windswept hair, stick in one hand and the other searching for a shiny stone, or maybe even a fish! He can walk through the water with tall grass along the streams edge standing higher than him. He looks around and probably doesn't realize that I have my eye on him. To him, he is independent, alone and on an adventure.

He will come back to where I sit and show me a leaf, a stick, a stone or just that he slipped and is wet head to toe. The latter is usually accompanied by a big grin! My daughter will wait with me as this is not dainty princess-like behavior. This is Logan's special time.

I would love to know what he thinks about when he explores this little part of his world. His smile shows a lot. While leaving is never easy, even after an hour of the same 20 foot stretch, we will return, and watch a three year old transform into a kid that just might make Mr. Twain grin.

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