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Memories of Home from Long Ago
Nov 30, 2007
I remember my early years in Bethlehem as a simpler time and often a magical time, especially when waiting for the lighting of the Christmas tree on the Hill-to-Hill Bridge or driving over the cobblestone streets near the Lehigh River. My first home was in Westgate Hills, 2718 Winston Road, next to a big cornfield where I spent happy hours. I remember the beautiful Christmas decorations, the great department stores in Downtown, dinner at Hotel Bethlehem, the 5 and 10, Todd Sailor's Place, aand Elvis's arrival at ABE Airport. When visiting my grandmother in Bath, I looked forward to a stop at Ackerman's custard stand for unparalled chocolate soft-serve. We moved to 1235 Kelchner Road and I attended Notre Dame of Bethlehem School. My mother became ill and after my 6th Grade year, we moved to Florida, which I hated. I missed Bethlehem; I missed my home.

As I peruse your website today, I wonder why, as an adult, I never moved back. I have counseled young people in various parts of our Country and have greatly enjoyed my travels. However, my heart has never been truly settled. The images of Bethlehem evoked strong feelings and a longing to revisit a place I loved.

Maybe it's time to go home??

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