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My Living In Bethlehem
Larry Raub
Nov 18, 2006
It started 1 snowy evening. Dad was working at the Bethlehem Steel. Mom was doing her stuff -- like women work -- cleaning, or sometime other.

Every time when Dad would come home from the Steel he would leave the car running in the driveway & check on her. So far; everything was fine with her.

Then, one late night in February it was time for me to come into world. As always, he did his routine with Mom. She said it was time to go to a hospital to have me. Go in the car and backing out of the driveway -- almost when the car got stuck into a snowdrift. A very high one. Dad tried & tried to get the car out but, the more he tried, the worse it got.

He ran over to a neighbor's home to get help. That was in vain or they didn't want to be any help with us. So he went in the house & called for help or to get an ambulance for her. Got some more blankets to keep her warm. NO show for anything --

After about 2 hours in a cold car and a world of snow I was born in the back seat of a Studabaker (6 pounds 8 ounces & a boy). All went well. Who needs a hospital or ambulance? This was more like being together as one big family.

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