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Can't wait to get back
Bryan Edgar
Aug 22, 2005
It's what keeps me going. Really. Every time I hit my rack and fall asleep, amongst the aircraft "controlled crashing" over my head and the shaking of the great vessel beneath me, four furious shafts spitting out a 280,000hp wake that changes the color of the ocean for miles, as we spin in huge endless circles in the Persian Gulf. I dream of being back in the Lehigh Valley.

You may laugh, but not seriously unless you've never experienced the beauty of it for yourself. I still cannot believe how much the area has changed since I left it, but the areas are still there, you just have to travel farther away from the cities to get to them. I thank my friend Merci for showing me places in the Valley I would never have found on my own, despite being a lifelong resident. This, of course because I grew up in Bethlehem and Allentown, so my Lehigh Valley experience is notably less full than it could have been (and will be in the future).

So, now I lay down upon my 3'x8' swath of personal space, put my head down once again, and dream of the day when I can come back and start to fully experience the Valley I know I love.

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