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Fond Memories
Justin Crawford
Feb 19, 2005
Growing up in the Lehigh Valley has deeply instilled a sense of creativity and appreciation of peace and serenity. After living in different areas of the country you realize the true essense that the Lehigh Valley has to offer.

The old historic buildings and vast farmlands gave me a really good sense of traditionalism and creativity. Because of its serenity and isolation from cities, you were forced to create your own pathways of creativity as a child, whether that meant building a different type of fort, or creating a new trail through the woods that you and your friends could explore.

I only hope the Lehigh Valley resembles somewhat of what I grew up in 27 years ago: a vast, laid back community where children look out of their windows only to see remnants of past generations, yet are instilled to desire, hope, and fulfill dreams by the creativity they're forced to create.

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