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Love at First Sight
Tanya Headley
Dec 29, 2003
My whole life changed over 2 years ago when I was invited by someone I had grown very close too invited me to share in his world.

Two things happend at once, I fell in love with a wonderful man who has lived in Lehigh Valley all of his life and I fell in love with the beautiful mountains of Pennsylvania. I have never traveled anywhere so beautiful in my entire life.

The very first time I met my best friend my heart raced and a glow came over me from deep within. I feel truly blessed to have been sourrounded by the beautiful mountains of Lehigh Valley and such a beautiful man.

The most beautiful sight I have ever seen was the star on top of the mountain deep within the valley for all the world to see. I only remember asking my best friend many questions about that beautiful star that shines above the city but never had a reason to ask "Why it was put there?"
The answer to that question became so apparent as our relationship progressed. I now know it means so many things to different people who live there. But to those who came to visit and seen it for the very first time, words could never explain the emotions of seeing it for the first time. Much less every single day. Truly breathtaking...

I may live in Richmond, Virginia but my heart is and always will be in Lehigh Valley with my very best friend, Steve Zaklukiewich.

As I tell him everyday don't ever take advantage of the beautiful sights of your city and the mountains that at the thought still make me smile.

For now I know the star shines brightly over Lehigh Valley for two reasons: to enhance the beautiful city beneath and to watch over my very best friend-the love of my life-for he will always be my very own shining star...

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